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Why do I use firefox? People may have variety of reasons to use but I have only one reason to use it "customization". Add-on’s are the only reason why I use firefox and why I love firefox and the other reason is that it is opensource and free unlike internet explorer.Thousands of developers program small additional tools for the browser that allow you to do almost whatever your heart desires, and make your life easier.I have been using add-ons for ten years now and I have noticed something peculiar these add-ons are not grouped properly they are just thrown around in varied names and tags.Google searches have not helped me that much because most of them have the titles like"50 must have add-ons" "20 firefox add-ons you cannot live without" well I am still quite alive and I can feel it in my fingers. These collections are not good enough to let the user know if they fit his purpose.This is my attempt to categorize them into types that uses might like.

People ask why i put up add-ons which do the same job instead just listing the best add-on and the answer is apparent : people like different things, even though they are meant for the same task , i just like giving them some choice 

Note1: If the add-on does not install properly on your version firefox(let us say firefox 3) please click on the link and go the respective add-on page where you can find older versions of the add-ons which might be compatible

Note2:Remember that Firefox must be installed on your computer to use any of them if you do not have firefox on your computer. please click here to download the latest version, in case you do not have it yet. 

It is frustrating to click on each of the search results and follow the links one after another only to find out that they are of no use to us.It would save a little pain if we could preview the links so that we can conclude if we have to click on them or just move on to the next link………….

Firefox Add-on Collections @ Link Preview

It is a fact that safari,chrome can render a few pages better and faster than firefox..Here are a few add-ons which will let your browsing go on uninterrupted when you hit a dead end on a page in firefox ,you can move on to safari or chrome  with just a click………

Firefox Add-on Collections @ Open with – Safari/chrome/opera 

Firefox Add-on Collections @ Open With – IE 


Firefox Add-on Collections@ Music Lovers – Lyrics


.Here are a few add-ons to save any selected region of the webpage as and image in the required format.

Firefox Add-on Collections @ Screen Grab 


The Title bar, The Menu bar, The bookmarks toolbar, The tab bar, The navigation bar, The Status bar …… what were the designers thinking! I don’t know what they were but google’s chrome is my choice when it comes to screen estate. To begin with it does not have title bar and the tab bar is integrated with the navigation bar and the status bar pops up only when necessary and then goes off in a poof, the bookmarks toolbar is optional and wolaa, there is no menu bar at all. I give it a ten on ten for optimizing the screen space

Firefox Add-on Collections @ Screen Estate  


At one point or the other you might have felt the need of saving a web page to view it later or to refer it to your friends and saving it a html or a htm page and attaching all images and other pages to it in a folder has a lot of disadvantages.There are several methods of optimally saving the web page in different formats and one of them is to save in pdf(paper document file) format.

Firefox Add-on Collections @ Save Pages as – Pdf  

Why should you block ads?
There are several good reasons why you should block them, to begin with the clutter around the page and make it ugly to look, they contain adult content sometimes and it may be awkward at times

Firefox Add-on Collections@ Ad Blockers 

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