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Tue, Sep 11, 2012, by Jswana


Well, I’m not in college so I would not have thought about it. But I do have a need for meanings of words……….

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Many working People and People who write really can use Dictionary.com.  We just don’t have to go for that small Webster as readily and pull out the small print reading glasses like we used to do.  Dictionary com has an extension on Google Chrome, for free, that makes looking for Word Definitions even easier.  I have not installed this free Extension as yet, but can say that thus far, I simply use Dictionary.com in my own  short cut way:  I just put a work in the Google Search and up pops the word in Google and voile! I have the Definition.  However, it is more simplified than that now and I will be converting.  The new extension makes them extremely streamlined!

The application has to be in Google Chrome to get the maximum benefits of it.  Therefore when you install it in Google Chrome, a small box will appear at the top.   This is the primary way of using the site, simply by typing in the word and immediately getting the definition.

You can also highlight any word in any site and right click it and the definition will immediately appear.

You can also highlight a word, right click and it will take you to the actual Dictionary.com site.

At any rate, this is far superior than my traditional way of doing things: closing down my work and actually logging on to Dictionary.com!

Dictionary.com also has apps where the most expensive is only $4.99 which include SAT by Dictionary.com, Food worth, which shows you nearby eateries (that’s cool) and Memory Hive.

To get a more in depth look at these applications, visit the link below.  Never know Dictionary.com had branched out so much.  Very, very nice.  They have served us well already! :)


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  1. elee Says:

    excellent work Good useful info :)

  2. Wrath Warbone Says:

    That is a real good tip! Thanks!

  3. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Very useful to know. I admit I still use my Webster college dictionary.

  4. Kai Vicky Says:

    Even writers need dictionary (at least amateur writer do). So quite a useful share.

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