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Tue, Mar 10, 2009, by ganny21


Have you ever wondered how to have your own Picture as your Firefox theme? With the Firefox add-on “Anycolor”, it’s possible. Here are a few themes I have prepared for myself.

In Firefox browser, it’s much easier to customize our own skin. It will take a few seconds to change the way it looks. Even I was skeptical whether to try the new Firefox add-on “Anycolor” or avoid doing it but luckily made up my mind to install it.I actually installed this add-on just to try and uninstall later (I do this most timesJ).

Now with the skins I have made with this, its now difficult for me to live without AnyColor.Here in this article I have tried to put together a few themes I prepared for myself and a video guide on how to make your browser eye-candy!. Also note that you can even have your own picture, your pet in your Firefox browser.Very stable add-on, hence no need to worry.

Please note below some of my browser themes that I have prepared, before viewing the how-to video. I have also given the links for the background picture for each skin.

Theme : Sky & Cloud

Picture Source : Link


Theme : Red Fireworks

Picture Source : Link


Theme : Turquoise Sky

Picture Source : Link


Theme : Autumn Leaves

Picture Source : Link


Video on how to make your own Skin:

You may use any wallpaper to suit your need. This add-on is very user friendly and worth trying.More importantly this add-on works well with Colorfultabs too. You can add gloss effect to your tool bar, change the Google background to suit your theme color, round scroll bars and much more.

Please leave your comments for this article.More Articles to follow.Have a great Day!

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  1. Tarra Buluran Says:

    Thanks for sharing the know-how guidelines.

  2. Christine Ramsay Says:

    A great tutorial. I haven’t gone onto Firefox yet. Do you think I should?


  3. ganny21 Says:

    Hi Christine,

    Firefox is THE BEST browser ever seen.ITs very secure and has tons of add-ons to keep you safe and its extremely fast as well.Please throw internet explorer and upgrade for Firefox.


  4. Ruby Hawk Says:

    firefox works very well. thanks for the info. well written.

  5. ganny21 Says:

    Thank you Ruby for the comments.

  6. evden eve Says:

    evve evden eve nakliyat evve Thanks admin:thank you very nice blog. evve

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