Wordpress Slow on Godaddy? Here’s The Fix!

Wed, Feb 23, 2011, by Shaun Helsom


GoDaddy is notorious for running incredibly slow when using the popular blogging software WordPress. There’s a quick and simple fix that will instantly speed up your site and save on bandwidth!

Have you ever tried running WordPress on GoDaddy’s economy servers? The truth is that after a few posts are added, your site will eventually come to a slow crawl. The WordPress forums and Google are littered with complaints of the problem as everyone scrambles to recover their looming load speeds.

First, let me start by saying my site Mac App Store Review was one of the victim sites, taking at least 60 seconds to completely load. After applying this fix the site experienced load times of 4 to 8 seconds…. an incredible change.

The Setup

Setting your site up with CloudFlare will quickly boost the load times of your site (increasing your Google ranking as well). Simply sign up (basic account is free), enter your site’s URL, and follow their directions for redirecting your site to their nameservers. After your nameservers populate (less than 24 hours) your sites speed will get a boost!

How it Works

Your site slows down because GoDaddy’s economy servers run thousands of web sites on a single system. WordPress runs many server commands and database requests with each page that is loaded, straining an already stressed system. CloudFlare copies your web page content to several servers all around the world. When someone visits your site the content is downloaded from the nearest few servers at lightning speed, distributing the workload over many, many servers instead of one. Its like having 10 people lift a couch instead of one tired person.

Final Steps

What if you love CloudFlare? Try upgrading to their $20/month package for even faster servers and more features. Don’t worry… no contracts are involved. Don’t like CloudFlare? Just restore your original nameservers and your site is back to its original form.

Drop me a comment and let me know how CloudFlare works for you! I’m having excellent results myself but would love to see what you think!

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