Square Circle Blog; Omega Men, Pg or Not Pg, Rvd and Big Dave on The Wrong Side of Town

Thu, Mar 4, 2010, by Marla Tolbon


Booking ideas, content ratings, and a really bad movie

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                Omega Men , PG or not PG, and RVD and Big Dave on the wrong side of town .

Gregory Helms AKA the Hurricane  was given his future endeavors papers this past week. Whether it had to do with his trouble with Jericho a few weeks ago, an interesting booking opportunity has come along and if the planets align right , TNA should take advantage of it.

On their way up the ladder, the Hardy Boys started their own Promotion in Cameron North Carolina called O.M.E.G.A which stood for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts, and well it was Basically ECW before ECW was cool . A lot of high flying , extreme and gimmick matches , it help launch the careers of many future stars and with Helms out on the market , Shannon Moore already in TNA , Jeff Hardy leaning that way if he can get out from under his legal problems , all they would need would be big brother Matt to seal the deal, you then either rename the X Division Belt the OMEGA  belt or start a new belt in conflict with the X Division . If you where to get all four in TNA , and you already have flair there , why not make them the new Four Horsemen . There is a whole lot that could be done if they open their minds to the possibilities . 

Caught the Cheech and Chong  Raw yesterday . Have one really big question . If the whole premise of the PG rating was in part to attract some of the prime advertising dollars, then why the hell do you have to aging Hippie Stone rs running around with a leprechaun eating Luck Charms and getting a sugar High. Is this really what the lucky charms people want.  I really don’t think so. Booking Cheech and Chong  to host Raw when they both admit to knowing nothing about the show is bad enough. But then having one of your main kid draws, and that’s the only reason they keep Hornswoggle around , passing out a kids cereal to a convicted felon who has made a living promoting drug use just ain’t the way to sell a lot of Lucky Charms .  The point of it is , the PG rating isn’t working , hasn’t worked and if they continue to do it going head to head with TNA , they will lose some viewers .  You can only package sex and violence so clean before people get board and go check out the other guys.   You guys can only go so far up the advertising food chain. 

Last but not least , caught a flick over the weekend . “ The Other Side of Town” starring Batista and RVD was released recently and while neither guy should quit their day job , but when you get to blow Ja Rule ‘s Brains out how bad can it be.  This movie was basic and nothing to write home about and it is distracting Van Damm from making up his mind up about TNA. RVD has been on the sidelines to long and needs to get back and the ring to do what he does best.

Well we have come to the end again . I know I have not done as much as I thought I would be able to but I’m working on it . 

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