It’s Friday The 13th! The Prologue!

Fri, Apr 13, 2012, by Jackie118


It’s 9.15 and I’ve just come into my home office and checked the calendar. Friday the 13th! So, how’s my day so far?

So far so good!  I awoke to a beautiful spring morning.  Wonderfully bright and sunny; just a delicate breeze blowing, the bushes in the meadow are now fully in bloom and shining white against the lush green spring meadow.

Both my cats welcomed me as I went down and drew back the lounge curtains and I could see several of my neighbours looking miserable and grumpy as they headed for their cars or for the bus stop ready to face another day in their offices in the nearby city of Norwich.  Not for me, the daily grind and monotony of commuting, breathing in polluted air, listening to traffic noise and sitting in an office staring at a brick wall and listening to the bickering between secretaries.  I’m lucky enough to work from home.

I turned away from the unhappy scene out the front of the house and headed for my kitchen at the back.  What a joy!  It looks out onto my back garden, into the meadow and beyond, to the left, a small piece of ancient woodland and, to the right, a field which is now shooting out with what I assume is wheat.  Around the crops is a skirting of “set aside”.  To encourage wildlife, the government here pay a sum to farmers to keep a certain area of their land fallow and it seems the natural grasses and plants are now beginning to sally forth and spring into life.

I gave both cats their breakfast, made myself a cup of tea and reached for the Kellogg’s Crunchy Nuts!!  Put on the radio – Classic FM – and was delighted to hear Delius’s “First Cuckoo of Spring”.  How fitting!  I opened up the back door and stood with my bowl of cornflakes in my hand.  Apart from my neighbours cars slowly going by at the front of my house, all I could hear was the birds; blackbirds, blue tits, coo-ing pigeons and doves; sparrows and finches (but no cuckoo yet!).

Looking out across the meadow I could see a fox skulking along the banks at the back of the meadow, presumably looking for breakfast; maybe a rabbit or two or even a pheasant.  The fox ran off into the field beyond and, once he’d gone, two young roe deer crept out of the scrub-land to the right of the meadow and skipped nimbly into the woodland for a forage. 

I finished breakfast and headed for a busy day in the office.  My back bedroom overlooking that very same meadow.

So, will my Friday the 13th remain as tranquil as it is now?  Only time will tell folks, only time will tell!

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  1. Margaret Boseroy Says:

    Good for you! My day started with my waking up 2 hours late! Then continued to a walk with the dogs in pouring rain, with thunder & lightening. I would say your day started better than mine.

  2. Raj the Tora Says:

    Believe in good and positivity will bring about good only! Don’t worry of the assumptions that Friday, the 13th’s is harmful!

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