How to Use Blogger Free Blogs to Make Money with Clickbank

Mon, Apr 18, 2011, by researchanalyst


There are many options to use when starting out on the internet to make money, you can use adsense, kontera, amazon, infolinks and now I will show you how to use clickbank.

A popular marketplace for buying and selling digital products can be found on Clickbank where vendors have ebooks that they have written about various problems people have that they want to find solutions to. You can promote other peoples products through a free clickbank account. It is perfect for those who want to make some money and do not have time to create their own product and sell it in the CB marketplace. 

Writers can make a supplemental income stream by creating blogs around clickbank products with a free blogger blog. How this is done is that you pick a popular product such as how to get my ex-back or how to lose weight fast. Then set up a blog that covers a review of the product and how it works.

Some steps on how to make money online with clickbank with blogspot blogs.

It is easy to set up an affiliate account and once you do your next step is to start looking for a good product that has plenty of searches per month in the search engines.

First set up an account:

It helps if you do some research on the product you want to represent and you can always pick more than one to use on your blog. It is important to have plenty of text to go along with your blog posts.

Next you will want to get an account with blogger and pick a name for your blogger (blogspot)

Blogger is a good place to start and once you get used to adding content and writing reviews you can graduate to your own self hosted blog on wordpress.

Second sign up with a free weblog:

It is best to set up the blog as a theme so you can promote a series of products that are related to each other, you can read about what other people are saying about a particular ebook for instance if you have been on most dating sites you will see blogs where people are talking about how to get their ex back or if you go to a forum where the participants are looking for ways to lose weight it will help you better when writing your blog posts.

Its best to write down at least 5 articles on each post and then add your clickbank affiliate code by using a url shortener. After that you will want to bring traffic to your blog with blog marketing and you can use twitter or article directories. One of my favorite ways to drive more visitors to my free blogs is to use forums where there is an active group of people discussing the subject my blog is about.

These are some great blog tips for writers who want extra ways to make income from home.

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    Clickbank is a merchant that lets writers create their own ebooks and if you do not have time to create your own product you can make money promoting other peoples products by using a free blogger blog.

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