How to Find Triond Writers on Blogger, Wordpress Etc

Fri, Sep 14, 2012, by shelpeare


Find Trionders on their blogs.

So you just signed up with Blogger, Wordpress or registered your own domain. However, having a blog can be lonely at first. Maybe you miss the community at Triond. Do you know that there is an efficient way to find your Triond friends that have blogs? No, I am not saying to go to all their individual profiles to see whether they have a link to Blogger or Wordpress. There are two methods that can get the job done.

Here is how you can find your Triond friends on Blogger and Wordpress blogs. I am presenting the quicker method first and the longer method last.


(1)   Google “Triond” and a search bar on the left will appear.

(2)   Click on “More” and then on “Blogs” which drops down.

(3)   Google will show you a host of blogs about Triond or where Triond is mentioned. Usually these blogs are by Triond writers.


There is a website that can give you a sitemap of Triond to find your Triond friends and all that information will be in one place.

(1)   Go to “Internet Marketing Ninjas” at

(2)   Type in in the search box and specify the number of links you want to be displayed. The more links you want to be displayed the longer you will have to wait but it will be more informative that way.

Image via

Image via

(3)   Copy and paste the links that are in orange to an empty Excel file. This will separate the columns so that you have the blog url by itself without the additional information at the side of it.

If you do not want to have to separate the wordpress blogs from the blogspot blogs manually then you will need to take additional steps. But first, note that sorting your urls alphabetically in Microsoft Word or Excel will not help at this point as they sort based on the first letter of the word or url. What we need is a program to sort from the last letter to separate all the urls by the type of website.

(a)    After following steps #1 and #2 copy and paste the links that are in orange to the open box at Text Mechanic’s Reverse Text Generator found at and click “Reverse Text.”

(b)   Sort your urls alphabetically using (or even Microsoft Word or Excel). You now have all the urls grouped by site. However, they are still spelt in reverse order.

(c)    Go back to  and click “Reverse Text.”

You now have all the urls grouped according to whether they are wordpress urls, blogspot urls, etc.

See the sequel here:

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For more information on Triond see:

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