15 Top Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

Fri, Sep 14, 2012, by vijayanths


Blogging has become very popular these days. It’s really encouraging to note the success of thousands of professionals bloggers around the world. It’s not easy to make decent money blogging. Nevertheless it’s not impossible either. If you can make handsome money from your writing, you will definitely derive a lot of satisfaction. As you may know, all successful bloggers are making reasonable income from blogging. So, how to become a successful blogger? Please keep reading…

1. Choose your niches: Whether you want to make money from Google ad sense  or affiliate marketing, you need to choose one or two niches and become an authority in them rather than blogging on several subjects.

2. Read a lot: If you want to become a professional blogger, you need to read extensively both online and offline. You can read tons of articles online particularly related to your niches. It will help you to create quality articles on your blogs.

3. Become a prolific blogger: Who is a prolific blogger? A prolific blogger posts quality blog posts consistently and frequently. A Prolific blogger can make more money easily.

4. Master SEO techniques: Blogging success greatly depends on the quality traffic you get for your blogs. Unless you master and apply the Search Engines Optimization techniques, your blogs will not attract sufficient traffic even if they contain high quality posts.

5. Provide useful information: Please ensure that your every blog post contains some useful information for your readers. Why should they waste their precious time on your blogs if there is nothing useful to them?

6. Write in simple language: Most of the Internet readers are not native-English speakers. It’s better to write in a simple language so that your readers will be able to understand your ideas easily.

7. Revise, Edit and proof read your blog posts: This is very important. You need to revise, edit, re-edit and proof read your every blog post so that you can correct the mistakes.

8. Set Goals: This is very important. Most of the part time bloggers don’t set goals and eventually they can’t achieve much blogging success.

9. Believe in making money blogging: Most bloggers don’t believe in making big money blogging. They think blogging for money is like building castles in air. If you want to be a successful professional blogger, you must believe in making money blogging.

10. Love your work: Do you have a passion for blogging? Only if you love blogging, you can create quality blog posts consistently and become successful.

11. Be ready learn new things: Blogging like any other profession needs continuous learning. Never lose the interest to learn things related to blogging.

10. Respect your readers: Your readers are your real assets. Never ignore them and try to help them as much as possible if they need more information.

12. Maintain discipline in blogging: Blogging is truly a profession and therefore it needs discipline like any other profession. You should have your working schedules and stick to them properly.

13. Welcome positive and negative comments: Even if you write 2+2 = 4, there will always be someone who will not agree to it. Welcome negative comments as well if they are constructive.

14. Hard work: There is no substitute for hard work. Most successes come from perspiration than from inspiration. 

15: Perseverance: Blogging is not a quick rich program. You can never become rich overnight blogging. Patience and perseverance are the keys to blogging success.

Summary: Blogging has become a profession today. It’s true that you can make big money from blogging. It’s not easy to become a successful blogger but it’s not impossible either. Work hard, work smart and make big money blogging. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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    Useful info. Whatever our goals, those last two tips, perseverance and hard work, will help us achieve them.

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    blogger posts quality blog posts consistently and frequently and write from your own day to day experiences with unique style

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    This was a great article to read and really informative. I think you have to be a very patient person to become a professional blogger. It takes a lot of dedication too. Thanks for sharing this

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