Triond Has a Global Market, Market The Product in Countries That Have High Traffic on Triond

Sat, Jan 21, 2012, by qncai


The message about "Triond market", because I have discussed about the Chinese nation, America, Taiwan, and several other countries that dominate traffic Triond.

Triond has a global market

After discussing the traffic and graphs on Triond, I received a message from a friend.

The message about “Triond market”, because I have discussed about the Chinese nation, America, Taiwan, and several other countries that dominate traffic Triond.

In fact, China has the highest traffic, as well as American, and Taiwan, on the Triond dashboard charts.

The message gives the thought, “why triond not market the product in countries that have high traffic on Triond?” such as china country.

In fact, there is the thought that “if the products are displayed on Triond china country is not required, so the market in the country china is not exciting?”.

Actually, this fact is related to the quality, quantity, market risk, and market interest.

Marketing Triond done globally, all countries can access Triond, but there are theories, and methods are internal on Triond, Triond may have different ideas about the market, or perhaps Triond has a more robust concept in marketing.

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  1. Greg Miller Says:

    Another point is that there ought to be a better way to self-publish eBooks into the China market. There is a demand for English books but some enterprising people ought to make conversion into Chinese easier. I was browsing (don’t ask) a Chinese bookstore on Broadway about 6 blocks from where I work in the Financial District in New York City. There was not one English word printed anywhere in the store. I saw a Chinese translated version of Jody Picult’s Amish Romance, “Plain Truth.” If you know anything about the Amish the have a lot of words that are German-ish and don’t even translate into English well, so I was wondering what the Chinese equivalent would be–had to be impossibly strange. Finding an Amish novel in a Chinese bookstore surprised me to no end.

    There is a huge market for Chinese eBooks and a sizable disconnect in translating English books into Chinese

    By the way, shameless plug here- I’ve written a lot about the Amish

  2. AmosTheCat Says:

    Valuable information. Thanks.

  3. Eunike Says:

    It is interesting. There should be marketing research about this.

  4. Courtlney Says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is useful information about the Chinese and the other non U.S. Triond market.


  5. dwisuka Says:

    interesting indeed

  6. cosmomed Says:

    China is a big market, due to its huge population. I have seen many of them discussing about making US dollars from Triond, Squidoo, and other websites. I wonder how much market share does Triond has in China? Anyways, thanks for sharing!

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