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Mon, Feb 9, 2009, by fatpeter


Here are a few great free, easy-to-use and instant music websites.

These sites give you music fast and easy with no account. How does this work? The sites do not carry music downloads. They are search engines which find mp3 files online. They simply locate mp3 files with the name you requested. Think of it like google but filtering everything but mp3 files.

The first site is Beemp3. This is a great site with an easy to use interface. Simply type in the name of the song, artist, or album and indicate which you’re searching for. Click search and it brings up results instantly. A cool feature is it shows all the song’s data. Including year made, album name, etc. And also technical info like bit rate, length, and frequency. Once you find what you’re looking for just click on the song, which opens another window. Right click on download now, and select Save as. Voila free music.

These sites also work well. And sometimes you have to switch to another one to find the song you’re looking for. However beemp3 is my favorite.





Sadly, as of current, Seeqpod is no longer online. They’ve been down for nearly a year now, and I don’t think they’re resuming anytime soon.

However, I’ve discovered something better! Free album downloads! It’s very simple and all you need is google.

Bring up google and search for “album_name megaupload”. This will bring up one or two, and sometimes zero results. If you found a result with a link that begins with , awesome. Click on it. Type in the code and wait for timer to end. Then just download and you’ve got yourself an album!

Also, most albums come in either .zip format or .rar (you’ll see one of these at the end of the file name). This means the file is compressed, or all the data is packed to save space and so they can put all the songs in one single file. Zip files can be extracted by Windows, but for .rar files, or if the extracting is taking longer than you like, use 7zip. This is a freeware program that uncompresses files.

Download 7zip here.

7zip is completely safe. Just install it, find the file you want to decompress, right click and hit extract.

Here is an example of how to download an album.

First open google and type in album name followed by megaupload. I’ll be doing the album Daughtry.

Hit search. It’ll bring up a page like this:

Note: the first result has a link that begins with That means go. Click on it to be brought to

Type in the code in the upper right and click download file.

Wait for timer to finish. and click regular download.

I’m using an operating system called Ubuntu instead of Windows so my screen looks a little different, but just click save and download the file. Once you have it downloaded and 7zip installed, right click the file and select extract. You should get another folder with all the songs in it. You can go ahead and delete the original .rar or .zip file.

The end.

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